My Ears were made for music. I get inspired by nature.  I will be managing the music corner of the store.  I am posting some music for you to enjoy.


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 The Senses Kids Store 


My Eyes were made for Art.  I get my Inspiration from Gods creation.  I will be overseen the gallery at the store. I am  posting some of my Art for you to purchase as well as enjoy!


I love cooking and smelling delicious food.

I will be making sure the restaurant at the store runs smoothly and the clients are happy and satisfied. I will be posting some of my recipes for you to make and enjoy.


My lips were made to communicate.  I love poetry, rhyming words, and writing short stories. I will be selling  books at the books store. 


My hands were made for sports and building things.  I will be posting updated sports events from my school and beautiful buildings from other places.