Kids Sports

Hey kids, it's Logan here at the gym. I have created this page for everybody to see that kids can be very talented in sports and even can do better than some grown-ups! God has given us gifts and talents to use to better ourselves and help others better themselves.

Let's thank God for His beautiful gifts. Check out this information below. Guess what guys, if it is your birthday month, Happy Birthday! If you send a picture of you on your birthday month, we will post it on our special page. Also, every month, we will post your pictures playing sports. I hope this page inspires you to do your best.

7-12 yrs old




Play Sports!

     Sometimes it is the only way to stay in shape.  It also keeps your mind healthy and happy.  It is also a good way to make new friends.  It keeps you from too much TV and video games.  So come step out and jump some rope, or shoot some baskets, or bounce a ball, or play tag with some friends.  Enjoy the sun and fresh air!

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