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Happy passover!

Let us look forward to the future! The uncertain as it may be, we can't avoid it. We must cross it as if it were a river. We must try our best to get to the other side safely.

How do we know our future is uncertain? For one, our government seem to be failing us, our economy is shaking, our churches melting under the heat and pressure of change, Dark clouds in the horizon approaching our direction seem to be predicting a storm. Will it be mild or of cataclysmic proportion? we don't know, but we can only guess. It depends on the size of the clouds, except that this clouds seem quite big, dark and approaching us fast!

Well, for starter we must prepare. If and when this clouds appear if the storm is mild, we trust in the Lord. We must make sure we have necessary food, water, blankets, candles and our families gathered together and beside us the comfort of a good book. Let us shut our windows and doors. maybe we sing songs until it passes. Once the sun shines we go out by the meadows and play once again. What if this clouds are of cataclysmic proportions? Well, then Let our comfort be in the Lord, let the book be the holy bible. Let the food and water be the word of God.

Let the light of the candles be the light of the holy spirit in us. Let the blanket be the Lord Jesus presence surrounding us with His love, let there be songs of praise and worship to God's holy name. Let us approach Him with humility of heart and thank Him for His sacrifice upon the cross of Calvary. Let the resurrection of Yeshua the messiah be the sun that rises and shines on us as He takes us to the other side safely. There we will go out by the meadow and play once again.

This year don't let Yeshua--Jesus resurrection and passover holiday pass you by. instead let it stay in your hearts, believe in His promises, receive His peace, ponder on its awesomeness! To know that all your sins are forgiven by His sacrifice, that you have been set free to live for ever is a great comfort and a perfect way to enter into the future. Jesus is our future! Step into the future with confidence! Happy passover, Shalom!

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