Adventure Stories
Adventure Stories

Hello, this is Julia.  I will be taking care of the book store.  

The Senses Kids series is about our experiences in this small town called Tinytown were we went to live. I really enjoy being a part of The Senses Kids book. The book we are promoting now is Tyler's own adventure story in Tinytown. I hope you enjoy reading it!

The Senses kids book series

        The Senses Kids book is about intrigue, mystery, bulling and "Adventure Stories".  Five children that find themselves surrounded and despised by classmates because of their looks.  Will they be hated forever?  Will The Sense Kids succumb to evil, pain and the sorrow they have encounter?  Find out what makes The Senses Kids tick."Adventure Stories"



Adventure Stories
Adventure Stories
Adventure Stories

Book series # 1

A Silly Worm

     It is a story about a worm looking  insect who is insulted and bullied by other insects.  Little did they know that this was no ordinary worm!

    It is a fun  and essy to read rhyming kind of book.

     So, go to Amazon and  

Pre-order today!  

Thank you.

My doggy Duffy

My doggy is white and fluffy and his name is Duffy. He got out of the yard and now is lost. Come join me and my neighbors.  help us find Duffy.

Adventure Stories

turtles in the Pond

Come along

and sing our song.

We are on our way to the pond.