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"The Senses Kids Club"

The Senses Kids Club

     Is to be an outreach. Children can interact, be creative,as well as enjoy what the site has to offer. They will be using the site while making a difference in the lives of other children around the world.
     The Senses Kids Club will always strive to serve through interactive arts, music, recipes,books, games, movies, and sports. This infused programing is what make The Senses Kids Club so unique.
     It will also be accessible in different languages so every child may feel part of The Senses Kids Club.
     There will be a page designated to each category so that children around the world can submit their artistic endeavours, recipes, inspirational books they may be reading, their musical accomplishments and pictures of themselves  playing their favorite sports.

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We hope you join and enjoy what The Senses Kids Club has to offer, be an active member, and share with all your friends! Be blessed

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